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Suitable For Vegans.

Suitable For Vegans.

We have a hot topic here at Grace and Jepsons of Nantwich at the moment, all things vegan and it doesn't seem like we're the only ones. With vegan restaurants popping up everywhere and brand new vegan menu's being placed in our favourite food destinations we're not the only one's trying to embark on a healthier diet with a conscious. You only have to scroll down your Instagram news-feed or Facebook timeline to be inundated with pictures of colourful plates that tickle our taste buds. With the likes of Ella Woodward AKA 'Deliciously Ella' becoming a household name and Thug Kitchen 'Eat Like You Give A F**ck' cook book continually being at the top of bestseller lists, them and amongst others are doing a great job of proving that a vegan diet doesn't mean a bland diet and consists of more than just 'rabbit food.'

Ella Woodward ; Follow her on instagram @deliciouslyella for daily recipe inspiration.

Stella McCartney made the unusual decision for a major fashion house and fashion designer to not use leather or fur in her clothing or accessories. Citing the statistic that 50 million animals are killed every year for bags and shoes, McCartney instead directs her company to find or develop new eco-friendly materials like faux leathers. The brand also uses as much organic cotton as possible in collections.

You've probably already heard but here's a quick sum up of what Veganism is;

'Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. From 'junk food vegans' to raw food vegans, and everything in between, there's a version of veganism to suit everyone. Yet one thing we all have in common is a plant-based diet avoiding all animal foods such as meat (including fish, shellfish and insects), dairy, eggs and honey - as well as products like leather and any tested on animals.' Taken from 

So you've overhauled your weekly Tesco shop and are making a conscious effort to buy cosmetics that are free from animal testing. We've been recommended LilyLoLo by one of our members of staff who use it religiously and can't rate it enough. But now what about your clothes? Sourcing ethically made clothing is one thing but what about clothing suitable for vegans?

So to make that mission all that more easier for you, we've decided to put together all our 'suitable for vegan' pieces in one place. You can discover our environmentally conscious and animal-friendly collection of clothing, here. Meaning you can stay true to your values, feel as good as you look, and champion sustainable fashion in a contemporary, timeless way. Our clothing is made up from eco-friendly fabrics, including hemp, organic cotton, bamboo and lots more. Because we realise while looking good feels great, protecting the planet feels even better...

 Here's some highlights from our 'Suitable For Vegans' range. 


Last but not least, once you've dressed to impressed you'll need somewhere to go and show off your new clothing with a conscious. So if you're in the Nantwich/Cheshire area here's a few places worth trying for some delicious vegan treats!

 Enzo are regularly winning awards. From being named Best Barista by the Italian Awards and Best Cafe by the Food and Drink Awards so you know you'll be in some good hands. They mark each vegan option on their menu with a 'VG' logo to make menu scrolling so much easier and have a wide variety to offer. (44 High St, Nantwich, Cheshire East CW5 5AS)


O'Joy in Shrewsbury is a vegan coffee bistro and restaurant that also offers treatments such as reflexology, yoga and hypnotherapy. Nick Knowles loved it so much when he visited he decided to invest to make it even better. A MUST for anyone, not just vegans.  (1 Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury SY1 1UT)


 At The Hollows in Chester it's all about social and relaxed eating. With a whole menu dedicated to vegan and vegetarian diets and menu's being updated seasonally you're bound to want to try something new everytime you visit. (20 Charles Street,Chester, Cheshire, CH2 3AZ )



The Denim Effect

The Denim Effect

There are few things that are as classic and versatile as denim. You can wear it a million different ways for almost any occasion, so whether it's in the form of a classic pair of jeans, a dress, or a jacket, you'd be hard to find someone who doesn't have denim in their wardrobe. It's hardwearing and unlike us only gets better with ageing and distressing. So here at Grace we know the importance of finding the perfect pair as they become your trusty fashion friend. With over 10 different fits in store we pride ourselves on finding denim that works for YOU and YOUR body. So we've decided to show you some of our best fits and showcase some of our favourite summer pieces that have given denim a twist!

First up is our German brand Brax, who specialise in great denim and perfecting the best in trouser fits. Their key is designing fits that offer support in various different places, catering for your body shape. Once you pick your fit from Brax, you can then indulge in their ever expanding seasonal styles with confidence, knowing they will be a great fit.

The Shakira

The Shakira is probably our most popular jean as it can work for any body shape and promises to make you look 'one size smaller' and it does just that. They are crafted from their Free to Move denim which is a super stretch denim, high in elastic, extremley soft which offers maximum comfort. They are a high waist with a super slim leg and slim in the thigh. We offer them in a washed blue, indigo and black. Aswell as numerous seasonal shades, including a cropped white denim version this summer. We also do a 'Shakira Sharp' which gives you the option for a narrower ankle, same fit just trimmer at the bottom. 

The Mary

Mary are cut with an extra slim thigh featuring a slightly wider waist making it perfect for a lady with a rounder tummy but slimmer hips. There is extra support in the tummy area and are again crafted from Brax's trademark super soft, comfortable jean. We stock them in a clean black, mid denim wash and a perma blue. This season we also have them in a white,cream,coral and many more summer shades. 

The Carola 

Part of Brax's 'Legend Denim' collection the Carola is the go to curvy girl denim. They are a high rise straight leg in a 'feminine fit' meaning they are specially cut to flatter your bum and hips. The high rise waist narrows to nip you in at the right places creating that perfect hourglass shape. We have them in a black denim, blue denim and a perma blue as well as a selection of summer weight trousers. 


Next is the champions of all denim Tommy Hilfiger, if the original denim pioneers can't make great denim then who can? They are the denim wash giants and we like to give you as much variety as possible when it comes to their washes. 

 All skinny in the leg, it's only the rise and washes that differ. We range from a low rise which is cut just above the hips, a mid rise which is just below the tummy button and a high rise which is just above the tummy button. Hilfiger use waist inches rather than dress sizes which is perfect for the women out there that are a 'size' 9,11,13 and so on, those tricky in between sizes can now be catered for. Our leg ranges from a 30", 32" and a 34" so once you've figured out those, all you now need to do is pick your favourite wash. We range from a black that can be dressed up or a light denim wash perfect to see you throughout summer.

So once you've sussed out your preferred denim you can now explore all the seasonal denim trends. From white denim jackets and skirts to ripped shorts and denim tunics, we've got it covered this summer.

White Denim

It makes everything look fresh and we're yet to find a colour you can't put white with. From a denim jacket, to a pencil skirt and a classic crop, we've even been digging an all white denim look. Just be careful about what you eat/drink around your fresh whites as it can be very dangerous or should we say staingerous?

 The Denim Dress

Probably the easiest way to wear denim, just throw on one of these dresses and go. We'd style this Braintree Kara tunic with our white Hilfiger jacket. The Barbour Hackamore dress looks great with a Barbour Bowline boat shoe and the Braintree Randa dress paired with Braintree's Janika coral knit is the perfect addition to chilly summer evenings in the garden.

The Denim Skirt/Short

Are you a fan of your Daisy Dukes or prefer how your legs look in a skirt? Whichever you prefer this season the denim skirt and shorts have had a makeover. Braintree's Kara Shorts are a lightweight pleated version which can be cinched in at the waist. Hilfiger's Boyfriend Short  have gone distressed for that all american vintage look, think Madonna in American Pie. Hilfiger's Naomi skirt is a super stretch, super comfort fit with a high rise. Braintree have kept with their laid back style with their Randa A-line wrap around. Whichever you choose just throw on a tee and you're ready!

 So there you have it, the best of our Denim this season. If you'd like to shop our full denim collection just click here!

Barbour; From Coast to Country.

Barbour; From Coast to Country.

Design icon Barbour was born over 100 years ago in South Shields, England and is still based there to this day. Not only is it a British brand soaked in heritage it also has one of the biggest and diverse fan bases ranging from royalty to rock stars. Prince Charles has had the same Barbour re-waxed numerous times and the Classic Beacon Heritage Sports jacket sold out worldwide when James Bond aka Daniel Craig sported his on screen in Skyfall. Kate Moss is seen regularly modelling hers at Glastonbury while Alex Turner is up on the stage rocking his waxy, corduroy collar jacket.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge in their Barbour jackets


This season we have launched the Barbour Seafarer Collection in store and online. So you will be seeing a lot less of the classic wax and a lot more lightweight, nautical branded items. Barbour has drawn inspiration from their rich maritime heritage. Picking out the bold and vibrant colours taken from original catalogues in 1916 and giving them a modern edge. Many of our customers have commented on the 'new direction' Barbour has taken with this collection but in fact they couldn't be returning to their roots more. The ethos behind the original ever Barbour jacket was to make reliable all-weather jackets and trousers for sailors, fishermen and shipyard workers at the turn of the 20th century.




While naval blues and yellows reinforce the maritime feel to the collection, marigold orange is the new pop of colour that is splashed on t-shirts, dresses and parka coats. Making for a collection that we feel is ideal to take you through a very British summer but then what else would we expect from a thoroughly British brand? Shop the full Seafarer collection here;





Hailey Baldwin Hots Up Hilfiger!

Hailey Baldwin Hots Up Hilfiger!

Tommy Hilfiger has just hotted up their Denim collection with a brand new campaign starring model of the moment Hailey Baldwin and her best friend Immy Waterhouse.

This has to be one of our favourite summer campaigns here at Grace, we can practically taste the summer just by looking at it. The girls pose in Los Angeles, California, rocking jeans ranging from distressed pants to 90's throwback, overall styles. Captured in a Dodge pick-up truck, the duo are joined by denim clad male models in the sun-drenched snaps.

The fashion brand was the go-to for denim back in the 90s, and with retro fashion trending for SS16, the preppy American brand has made it big all over again.

'Reminiscing on the ’90s reminds me of some incredible memories – from our first collaborations with musicians and celebrities to our continued passion for pop culture,’ said Hilfiger, in a statement about the new collection. Which is full to the brim with classic and timeless denim pieces, as well as logo driven tops. Other streetwear signatures include dungarees, light-wash jeans, cut-off shorts, denim skirts and that logo bikini everyone is after, all resulting in 90's perfection that we want to wear all summer long.

Fancy a little more 90's in your life? Shop our full Hilfiger Denim collection online now and follow @haileybaldwin on Instagram for daily pictures of what Hilfiger Denim pieces she loves!

What Makes Thoughtful Clothing, Thoughtful?

What Makes Thoughtful Clothing, Thoughtful?

If you've ever purchased one of our Braintree pieces you will see the quote 'Thoughtful Clothing' printed across your swing tag. Braintree was imagined back in the heat of Australia in 1995, when the desire to wear natural, cool clothing marked the start of their story. So what does make their clothing so thoughtful?We've decided to look at the top 5 most popular materials used by Braintree to craft your beloved pieces;

1. Breathable Bamboo

From vests to tights to briefs we love the feeling of Bamboo against our skin and so do you. Strong, yet silky soft to touch, bamboo boasts a wonderful ability to recognise your needs; cooling you down or warming you up when you need it most. Did you know that Bamboo fibre is made by pulping the grass until it separates into thin threads of fibre, which can be spun for weaving into cloth. Bamboo fibre resembles cotton in it's un-spun form, a puffball of light, airy fibres.

2. Helpful Hemp

This is where Braintree originated from and their first collection was actually hemp only. China was the go-to place for the best quality hemp fibres. Over time, China continues to innovate its eco fabrics and offerings. Hemp is grown and woven with every effort to protect the planet, it's super-strong, yet soft on your skin. (Just one of many reasons we love it!). Over time, it becomes softer still, so the more you wear it, the more you’ll want to. As fabric, it’s stronger than cotton. Perhaps that’s why the explorer Christopher Columbus used hemp for the ropes and sails of his boat. Ships aside, Braintree have been using hemp for over 20 years for exactly the same reason – its strength.

3. Wool with wanderlust

Apart from being 100% natural, wool has many wonderful benefits. We love it for its long-lasting, luxe feel and how cosy it keeps you when you need it most. It’s all down to its thermal insulation properties – meaning that this naturally smart fabric will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer just like Bamboo.

4. No ordinary cotton

Before it’s even planted, the seeds of non-organic cotton are usually treated with genetically modified pesticides and chemicals where as organic cotton seeds, are not. This means that right from the beginning, the seeds can grow naturally. Compost and manure are used to help the plant grow as nature intended. This also helps enrich soil quality – a far cry from the synthetic fertilisers and toxic pesticides used on conventional cotton, which inevitably find their way into rivers and wildlife. After it's harvested, the yarn is spun with great care to create a super-soft finish that’s kind on skin as well as the planet. Braintree are proud to share that all of their cotton is 100% organic.

5. Tree-friendly Tencel

Responsibly sourced wood is collected from sustainable tree farms and broken down into fibres to make Tencel. Once harvested, the wood is processed into chips, pulped and dried into sheets ready for processing. Next, the sheets are then broken up and dissolved in a non-toxic amine oxide solution, turning into a clear, viscous liquid. The long Tencel fibres are created by forcing this liquid through spinnerets dotted with tiny holes. After drying, the fibres are lubricated and combed to remove any tangles before being compressed using a crimper to give the fibres their bulk and texture. The fibres are then ready to be dyed, spun, and woven to make beautiful garments that feel great on the skin.

If you found this post interesting or would like to begin leading a more thoughtful fashion life yourself, then check out the Soil Associations ongoing campaign 'Small Changes, Big Difference' to learn more. Another handy tip is when out shopping look out for organic cotton symbols on labels such as 'GOTS' or 'OE' so you can learn more about where your clothing comes from. Or shop our full Braintree clothing range online now!

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